About Irmi

Hi, I’m Irmi.

I was born in Germany and grew up near Stuttgart. I’ve only been in Australia since August 2010.  I would describe myself as a very positive person. My clients and co-workers say I am very friendly, hardworking and kind hearted.

In Germany I was an accountant specialising in bookkeeping and payroll for over 13 years. I have an up to date knowledge of German employment regulations and understand the issues regarding taxation and payroll facing German companies in Australia. We have a lot of German clients and my fluency in both German and English can really benefit them.

I really enjoy working with numbers and helping people. I like to ensure my clients get the maximum entitlements possible.

Outside of work I love outdoor activities such as scuba diving, running and inline skating and even 4-wheel driving.

I like to finish my days with a good glass of red wine.

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