Why we do What we do

Recently, we began to understand even more clearly the importance not of WHAT we do or even HOW we do what we do.

We’re convinced that WHY we do what we do is really important too.

At a conference on the Gold Coast  we heard a gentleman by the name of Paul Dunn talk about ‘Adding Speed, Adding Purpose and Changing Lives’.

Paul is well-known around the world as someone who deeply influences the way business leaders think and act. He’s also the Chairman of what many regard as the revolutionary Buy1GIVE1 (or B1G1 as most people know it now).

The moment we saw B1G1, the penny dropped for us. We knew it could help transform our business and help a lot of people at the same time.

It just makes so much sense. Here’s how it works…

Imagine that when everyday transactions happen in your business, you could make a very real concrete difference to someone else in the world. B1G1 does that.

It’s a system that links your business transactions to small but tangible donations to people in need around the world (including Australia). And you get to choose which projects receive your donations.

Instead of giving money (and then wondering if it reaches those in need) you decide on specific things (like goats to give families sustainable income for life), or specific services (like schooling a child for a year) that people in need will receive.

All we had to decide on was the project, or projects, our business would like to support, the B1G1 system handles the rest of the process.

With B1G1 you access over 685 projects around the world making real differences in health care, education, farming and the like.A great aspect of B1G1 is that you choose a project that sparks the interest of your team and then link it to a service provided by your business.

The ripple effect around the world is staggering.

And it starts from one simple business transaction.

In our case, we decided to link our giving with our BAS returns as these are one of the most frequently reoccurring services we offer. Each and every time we complete a BAS return for a client we give a portion of our fee to B1G1. There is no extra charge to our clients; the giving comes out of our pockets, not yours.

Our team has chosen to sponsor a project in Malawi and Zambia, Africa. It’s all about providing farmers with both tools and agricultural training so that their crops will improve.

Each BAS return we do enables a farmer to receive 3.5 days training. This projects really appealed to all of our team as the training provided gives farmers the knowledge and skills they need to become self-sufficient. That can be passed on to others in their village benefitting so many more.

Another B1G1 project that really excited us was to give a goat to a family in need. We now give a goat to celebrate each new client. And another goat for every existing client that switches over to the new Xero software. Just like training a farmer, this project is all about helping people to become self-sufficient. It’s about ‘handing UP’ not ‘handing out’.

We want to go beyond being ordinary accountants to becoming a truly remarkable firm, not only for our clients, but also for our staff and their families too.

And that’s what B1G1 helps us achieve. It gives all of us greater purpose.

Now what we do each day doesn’t just help us and our clients, but also feeds out into the world benefitting many others as well.

All of us on the team at Helm Accounting are truly inspired by the extra good we can now do just by doing the good things we currently do. And we’re very thrilled to be sharing it with you.

Simon Sinek (the author of top selling business book “Start with Why”) puts it like this: ‘The purpose is not to do business with everyone who might want or need your service, it’s to do business with those who believe what you believe.’

And that, of course, is ultimately what makes for the great relationships we have with our clients. Thank you for being a part of it.

If you are interested in learning more about B1G1, click the logo below. We’re hoping you’ll be inspired too.

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