The WHY of Xero


We use Xero because …………












#1 Reduce time and stress   

With automated daily bank feeds you can avoid manual entry of bank transactions and the easy bank reconciliation process means Xero will find the most appropriate match. Just click OK!


#2 Real time collaboration with your Accountant   

Being in the cloud means we can share the same data at the same time. Our conversations can be timely and relevant. No transferring of data that can be corrupted or out of date.


#3 Get access Anywhere, Anytime   

Get 24/7 access from any internet connection on any device you wish to use. No need to worry about software upgrades or hardware issues.


#4 Best of Breed   

You are not restricted to a Inventory, Jobbing or Point of Sale that doesn’t suit the size or complexity of your business. The Xero eco-system and partner applications allow you to pick and choose the software solution that best suits you! Setup and integration is so easy and can be done in minutes.


#5 Security   

No one has access to your information unless they are invited. With bank level security and enterprise grade hosting, your data is safer than at work or home. Never stress over forgetting the backup, Xero do it daily for you!


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